The One Where the Blipsterfarian Goes to Kingston’s Fashion’s Night Out. Vicariously. #fnoja #fno

  Crowds shopping in Kingston. Courtesy of The Jamaica Observer.

Other people’s incessant use of mobile phones during dinner and long queues annoy me. But not as much as hours of sitting in traffic. And that’s just what Fashion’s Night Out in Kingston promised. However, with all the online and offline chatter, my interest was piqued.

                   Four Lane Traffic by @marciaforbes

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‘Better Mus Come’ Will Be Huge

Better Mus’ Come is quite possibly the most significant Jamaican film since The Harder They Come. Consider the context. Global economic crisis, geopolitical realignment, political stagnation and a state of emergency. Jamaica 2010 you say? Yes, sadly. But also Jamaica 1977, the year in which the movie is set. The movie is a close examination of the lived experience of Jamaica’s underprivileged, especially the events surrounding the Green Bay Massacre. Given the recent assault on Tivoli, I hope it causes Jamaicans to consider many questions about where we are going and why we haven’t moved on.

Better Mus’ Come is directed by Storm Saulter and opens islandwide on October 13th.

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The One Where the Blipsterfarian Goes to the #Jptweetup

I will be honest. The first time I heard about the intention of the Jamaica Pegasus to host a tweetup, I dismissed it. I was not convinced that twitter had enough of a critical mass to make the event well attended and interesting. Looking at the reviews of the first tweetup, I realised that I was very wrong. Jamaica has a large and diverse community of tweeps who merge the use of twitter with other social media applications for a dizzying array of purposes. Be it personal journaling, marketing or showing of their hobbies, the tweeps represent.

So last Friday, I attended the #jptweetup redux. It was a tremendous success. One count estimates that there were at least 300 attendees. A large part of this success is the manner in which the event was put together by the Pegasus. The online registration process was easy and so too was the process of gaining entry in the gardens where the event was held. Another plus was the layout: bars in sensible locations and a decent number of sitting and standing tables. The drink, food and music were first rate. Continue reading

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Sunday Night Recap

As this season has progressed, I am increasingly impressed by Eric. Eric is a master political operator. And he has a lot of courage. He figures out what people want, and then uses it to manipulate them. In showing up and luring him into a ridiculous quest to become a daywalker, even Russell think Eric ‘clever.’ Doesn’t Russell know that it didn’t end too well for Deacon Frost?

Sam, Sam, Sam. Talk about a complete metamorphosis. Or is it a return to form? From do-gooder to alcoholic with a hell of a lot of anger issues. There is the very real possibility that since Sam has become unstuck, no good Tommy (see senseless attack on Hoyt) will follow suit.

For some time now, the comment boards have been filled with the sentiment that Sookie should not trust Bill. Last Sunday’s episode is the first time I felt this way. Sad. And Bill is not the only one I don’t trust. Jesus is on that list too. Scary.

No Mad Men recap this week. I missed Sunday’s episode and for some strange reason, the next time I can watch it is Friday. Way too late.

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There’s Something About Glenn Beck

It’s that he is a moronic, racist provocateur.

Let us consider the background. In the dying days of the summer of 1963, Dr. King gave his monumental ‘I have a Dream’ speech to a crowd of hundreds of thousands. What is not often recounted is that a significant percentage of the crowd was white. That day was about freedom, inclusion and admonishing America to live up to its promise. It was not simply a watershed in the Civil Rights movement, it was a turning point in American history.

Decades later, enter Glenn Beck who convenes an orgy of hateful self-promotion called the Restoring Honor Rally on the same date and at the same place that Dr. King delivered his address. Glenn Beck? Honour? This is a man who has gone as far as to claim President Obama is a racist and has a long history of racist provocation in the media. Beck has consistently tried to portray President Obama as an un-American outsider. So how could Glenn Beck restore anything, much less honour? Look at some of his recent pronouncements:

I wouldn’t be surprised if in our lifetime dogs and fire hoses are released or opened on us. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of us get a billy club to the head. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of us go to jail — just like Martin Luther King did — on trumped-up charges. Tough times are coming.

Who is the ‘we’ in that crazed outburst? Beck is knowingly stoking the deep seated, yet quite  irrational fears of some white people. Is he seriously suggesting that America’s first black president is gong to go after white people Birmingham, Alabama style? What does he want to restore America to? The pre-emancipation proclomation era? Continue reading

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Foto Flashback: Passa Passa

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10 Things I’ve Learned Circling the Globe

There are few experiences in life that are as eye opening as international travel. One of the realisations I have garnered through travel is that governments could learn so much from their people. Specifically in terms of helpfulness and hospitality to outsiders.

In the list below, I really identify with numbers 3 & 7. Look at the way the whole Dudus saga was portrayed in the international media! They go into Tivoli and tragedy unfolds, but it was far from the whole country. I am also amazed at how narrow the frame of reference of some Jamaicans are. The world is a lot bigger than Miami. Seek it out different experiences!

10 Things I’ve Learned Circling the Globe I came across an interesting blog yesterday “20 Things I’ve Learned From Traveling Around the World for Three Years”, by Gary Arndt. It was pretty much on target with my observations from my very short journey of a little more than 3 months. But it got me thinking about what I have learned on these travels. To travel i … Read More

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