At the Commonwealth Games, Sport Was the Sideshow


It has been nearly a week since Delhi’s hosting of the Commonwealth Games 2010 has concluded. It was a revealing exercise. Yet, very little of the revelations were about actual sport. It is a tale of mismangement, corruption and disenfranchisement.

Before the realities started to emerge, the media brimmed with the notion that, similar to the hosting of the Olympics by Beijing in 2008, this was supposed to be India’s ‘I’ve arrived’ moment. This was an extremely odd assertion, since it seems that Indians themselves were not happy with the way the games were being delivered, and the Commonwealth Games are not exactly in the top tier of global sporting events (see the Olympics and World Cup). Continue reading

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When Anchors Attack: The Rick Sanchez Edition (#CNN #ricksanchez)

First it was Lou Dobbs (who has dissapeared from the public space like a sinking Titanic, but that’s another story), and now Rick Sanchez. CNN’s anchors seem to have a penchant for inserting their feet into their mouths, which eventually leaves them jobless.

This latest episode emerged when Sanchez accused Jon Stewart of being a bigot who is part of the Jewish community that runs the media. Sanchez was upset by Stewart’s occasional jibes. But why shouldn’t Stewart mock him given his clear lack of grasp of serious issues, or even basic geography. CNN is not the only media outlet to struggle with these difficulties, and Sanchez’s comments were much milder than those by Don Imus or Dr. Laura, I think they axed him for the wrong reason. Sanchez’s show was a train reck. And one you were subjected to daily. That is the reason CNN should have dumped him.  Continue reading

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Flashback: The Obama Presidential Campaign


Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...

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Now that the mid-term elections are almost upon the U.S., I thought I should reflect on just how we end up here. The sheen of the Obama Presidency has all but dissipated and it looks like the democrats are headed for a heavy defeat. But we need to go back to go forward. So let’s look at the run up to the ’08 election.

I often write pieces, but don’t publish them. Then I go back to them and see their worth. This flashback was originally written in April 2008, but not published.

. . .

There have been a number of things irritating me about the coverage of the race to the White House. Goddamn, its gonna be a long campaign. I am honestly sick of the coverage for these 5 reasons:

1. Why is it that white people think they have the right to decide who is black enough? It is just like a man talking about the pain of childbirth. Stop it. It is not cute. I also think the qualities some of them identity as black are quite revealing about what they think about black people in general.

2. Hilary was already President. It was during the Clinton years. Moreover, she has undertaken an incredible rightward drift since she began to be president de facto. You cannot change all the things that are going wrong in the US by being exactly like those who caused the problems you are supposedly trying to address. My only problem with Barack is that he needs to be more forceful on some of his ideas. Why is it that Hilary tries to do this I am a tough woman routine with reference to some of the international policy challenges that the US currently faces? Yes. I am talking about the ‘obliterate’ Iran outburst. If Kennedy did this ‘I am a tough Catholic’ routine we probably would have a had nuclear war! He picked up the phone and he talked to Khrushchev. He did not send is ineffectual Secretary of State who cant even make sure Americans get their passports on time so they can travel. Continue reading

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Foto Flashback: Rockley Beach, #Barbados

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Sunday Night Recap: #MadMen & #MadWomen

Why Betty? Why? Photo courtesy of AMC Tv.

For a show that is unapologetic in focusing on Don and the boys, the last two weeks of Mad Men have really been about the girls. I am talking about Betty, Joan, Peggy, Sally and to a lesser extent, Dr. Faye.

What the hell is up with Betty? She walks into a restaurant, sees Don on a date and has a meltdown? There are probably several things goin on. She still loves Don even though he hurt her badly. She is also very angry at him. Seeing for herself that he appears to have moved on is perhaps an occasion for a drink or five. Not to mention the strains between her and Henry (a relationship she started out of lonliness and spite) are now apparent to both of them.

Peggy fires dude who posted a highly sexual and very inappropriate cartoon of her and Lane, and she rips Peggy for making her feel powerless. Joan, for such a smart woman, you can be so dumb. It is the environment in which you work that has made you powerless, not Peggy. Moreover, the harassment would have escalated. Joan owes Peggy an apology. Continue reading

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International Day of Peace 2010

Every year, September 21 is celebrated as the International Day of Peace. There is just too much violence and aggression in the world. Don’t believe me? Take a look below. Not only are these just the figures for murders, some of the top 20 surprised me.

Source: Nation Master

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The Jolly Boys Release ‘Great Expectation’

The Blipsterfarian is a huge fan of many things old. Mento, predating reggae by decades, is very old. And The Jolly Boys have been for some time its most venerable practitioners. Pop N Mento is one of my favourite albums.

Mento is the cinderella art form of Jamaican music. It contributed much to later genres of music, but unlike ska or rocksteady, its contributions have not gotten the recognition they deserve. The Jolly Boys have had a career spanning more than five decades and have experimented with different approaches to their music, but have never disappointed.

Great Expectation, released September 13th, provides a mento update (or should that be throwback?) of popular contemporary songs. Some of the samples I have heard so far are wonderful. Check out track no. 3 from the album, their rendition of Amy Winehouse’s Rehab.

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