A Jamaican Christmas

There are two pillars of a Jamaican Christmas: food and family. It is a time when family members return from all over the globe to celebrate with their loved ones in Jamaica. Everyone looks forward to the heavy Christmas cake, the ham done in the oven, Christmas morning breakfast, sorrel and much, much more.

Happy holidays to all my readers. Have memorable moments with your loved ones. That’s what makes life worth living.


Blipsterfarian Logic returns in early January.


About Blipsterfarian Logic

Ever feel like the coverage of entertainment, important social issues, ideas and discussion by Jamaican media is boring, stale and irrelevant? Well Blipsterfarian Logic is for you. Blipsterfarian Logic strives to highlight that Jamaicans enjoy diverse types of entertainment and have diverse interests.
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3 Responses to A Jamaican Christmas

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  2. Aurie says:

    bwoy, dat deh sorrel look sooo good enuh!

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