When Technology Fails

Technology fails when you have an extraordinary amount of work to do. That is the nature of the world and is what has been happening to me over the last few weeks. First my Blackberry Bold died, now my Mac is injured. As a result, I have not been turning out deliverables with my usual speed.

Blipsterfarian Logic has also been quieter than I would like. So much is going on though. I have really been liking some FX shows, especially the new Sons of Anarchy season. AMC is also hot: Rubicon and Mad Men has great season finales and I loved the premiere of The Walking Dead

Gregory Isaacs in 1985. Photo: Sipa/Rex Features.

I would have loved to big up the man, who was in my opinion, the Coolest Ruler, Gregory Isaacs. Now I am reading that Norma Shirley has passed too. Farewell to two great icons of our culture.

On to the tech woes. Ok, so its not quite the flashing folder of death (see above), but my BlackBook’s heat sink and fan are toast.  It may take three weeks to get fixed. What I don’t understand is why it will take so long? Can’t an authroised dealer get parts from Apple more quickly then that?

Until normalcy is restored, I will be working on less efficient machines until it is fixed. Makes me realise how much I customised my settings and programs to enhance my workflow. My music library is also the machine, so I am really hurting even if I can access the rest of my files on one of my external hard drives.

The technology failure which really disturbed me is the death of my BlackBerry Bold. What really got me was not that it died (stuff happens, so I back up everything!). It is the way it is being handled by Digicel. I gave the phone to Digicel in mid September. It is now November and I am yet to know what can be done about it and how much it will cost.

What I cannot understand is the abysmal manner in which the Digicel representative has managed the issue. During this period, she has been almost impossible to contact. Got used to talking to voicemail. And all this was before she went on vacation! During her holidays, I received no updates. When enquires were made, I was told that they could not locate the phone.

The rep returned to work on Nov 1 and she said the people who she gave the phone to did not contact her, so she did not contact them. I kid you not! And in the meantime, what does the customer do? I am sure that a firm as large and diverse as Digicel has service standards which govern this process. How does this episode stack up against those standards? I am so disappointed and shocked to be treated this way by a company I held in such high regard.


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