When Anchors Attack: The Rick Sanchez Edition (#CNN #ricksanchez)

First it was Lou Dobbs (who has dissapeared from the public space like a sinking Titanic, but that’s another story), and now Rick Sanchez. CNN’s anchors seem to have a penchant for inserting their feet into their mouths, which eventually leaves them jobless.

This latest episode emerged when Sanchez accused Jon Stewart of being a bigot who is part of the Jewish community that runs the media. Sanchez was upset by Stewart’s occasional jibes. But why shouldn’t Stewart mock him given his clear lack of grasp of serious issues, or even basic geography. CNN is not the only media outlet to struggle with these difficulties, and Sanchez’s comments were much milder than those by Don Imus or Dr. Laura, I think they axed him for the wrong reason. Sanchez’s show was a train reck. And one you were subjected to daily. That is the reason CNN should have dumped him. 

Rick’s rant has an air of someone who feels like their insights are more greater than they really are. It is not because you are hispanic, Rick. It is that you are a thoughtless lightweight who has a history of being slapped around on air by even dumber guests, or needlessly abusing others. But in all this you need to realise that you are a previlidged Cuban American. Please stop whining.

In general, I would love if news presenters stuck to presenting the news, not making news.

Maybe someday I’ll get around to our own anchors. Perhaps, I’ll start by asking why TVJ can’t seem to have a news cast free from technical difficulties, much to Michael Sharpe’s clear irritation. Or why CVM’s Dwayne Berbick smiles so broadly after recognising that he mispronounced a word.

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