Flashback: The Obama Presidential Campaign


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Now that the mid-term elections are almost upon the U.S., I thought I should reflect on just how we end up here. The sheen of the Obama Presidency has all but dissipated and it looks like the democrats are headed for a heavy defeat. But we need to go back to go forward. So let’s look at the run up to the ’08 election.

I often write pieces, but don’t publish them. Then I go back to them and see their worth. This flashback was originally written in April 2008, but not published.

. . .

There have been a number of things irritating me about the coverage of the race to the White House. Goddamn, its gonna be a long campaign. I am honestly sick of the coverage for these 5 reasons:

1. Why is it that white people think they have the right to decide who is black enough? It is just like a man talking about the pain of childbirth. Stop it. It is not cute. I also think the qualities some of them identity as black are quite revealing about what they think about black people in general.

2. Hilary was already President. It was during the Clinton years. Moreover, she has undertaken an incredible rightward drift since she began to be president de facto. You cannot change all the things that are going wrong in the US by being exactly like those who caused the problems you are supposedly trying to address. My only problem with Barack is that he needs to be more forceful on some of his ideas. Why is it that Hilary tries to do this I am a tough woman routine with reference to some of the international policy challenges that the US currently faces? Yes. I am talking about the ‘obliterate’ Iran outburst. If Kennedy did this ‘I am a tough Catholic’ routine we probably would have a had nuclear war! He picked up the phone and he talked to Khrushchev. He did not send is ineffectual Secretary of State who cant even make sure Americans get their passports on time so they can travel.

3. When people say America is not ready for a black president, what they mean is I am not ready for a black president. When exactly will you be ready?

4. Stop this garbage about who is more discriminated against women or black people. Do you really need to claim oppressed status so badly? Isn’t it obvious that even though women do face discrimination, Clinton still benefits from white privilege? Why are you being so dishonest? Having a black man as president would be a far greater shift than having a white, upper middle class woman.

5. America, your promise has been so tarnished by Mr. Bush. More of the same simply will not do. Why is it that Romney and Huckabee seem like even bigger wingnuts than Bush? And I hope the Christian right stops Giuliani.

A decisive change in course is needed!


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3 Responses to Flashback: The Obama Presidential Campaign

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  2. YardEdge says:

    Good analysis here Mr. Blipsterfarian. I must admit I’m fascinated by American politics and am an avid follower of pretty much all MSNBC news shows (I guess that gives away where my politics are). I often think it’s too bad we don’t have a local equivalent of Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews- their shows I mean where you can have well research view points presented and a balanced (and sometimes not so balanced) debate. I guess, to be fair, we should also have some FOX type news shows too though I’m not sure I could stomach that. What thinks you?

    • Thanks YardEdge!

      It would be great if we could have some of the type of news you described. I think there is a reason we don’t. And just like building a proper road that don’t mash up when likkle rain fall, its not because we don’t have the ability. Our media is part of our malaise. It is mired by personal, political and corporate interests that prevent the quality of debate many of us want.

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