Sunday Night Recap

As this season has progressed, I am increasingly impressed by Eric. Eric is a master political operator. And he has a lot of courage. He figures out what people want, and then uses it to manipulate them. In showing up and luring him into a ridiculous quest to become a daywalker, even Russell think Eric ‘clever.’ Doesn’t Russell know that it didn’t end too well for Deacon Frost?

Sam, Sam, Sam. Talk about a complete metamorphosis. Or is it a return to form? From do-gooder to alcoholic with a hell of a lot of anger issues. There is the very real possibility that since Sam has become unstuck, no good Tommy (see senseless attack on Hoyt) will follow suit.

For some time now, the comment boards have been filled with the sentiment that Sookie should not trust Bill. Last Sunday’s episode is the first time I felt this way. Sad. And Bill is not the only one I don’t trust. Jesus is on that list too. Scary.

No Mad Men recap this week. I missed Sunday’s episode and for some strange reason, the next time I can watch it is Friday. Way too late.

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