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Foto Flashback: Rockley Beach, #Barbados


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Sunday Night Recap: #MadMen & #MadWomen

Why Betty? Why? Photo courtesy of AMC Tv. For a show that is unapologetic in focusing on Don and the boys, the last two weeks of Mad Men have really been about the girls. I am talking about Betty, Joan, … Continue reading

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International Day of Peace 2010

Every year, September 21 is celebrated as the International Day of Peace. There is just too much violence and aggression in the world. Don’t believe me? Take a look below. Not only are these just the figures for murders, some … Continue reading

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The Jolly Boys Release ‘Great Expectation’

Jolly Boys Great Expectation, originally uploaded by Jolly Boys Music. The Blipsterfarian is a huge fan of many things old. Mento, predating reggae by decades, is very old. And The Jolly Boys have been for some time its most venerable … Continue reading

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The One Where the Blipsterfarian Goes to Kingston’s Fashion’s Night Out. Vicariously. #fnoja #fno

Crowds shopping in Kingston. Courtesy of The Jamaica Observer. Other people’s incessant use of mobile phones during dinner and long queues annoy me. But not as much as hours of sitting in traffic. And that’s just what Fashion’s Night Out … Continue reading

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‘Better Mus Come’ Will Be Huge

Better Mus’ Come is quite possibly the most significant Jamaican film since The Harder They Come. Consider the context. Global economic crisis, geopolitical realignment, political stagnation and a state of emergency. Jamaica 2010 you say? Yes, sadly. But also Jamaica … Continue reading

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The One Where the Blipsterfarian Goes to the #Jptweetup

I will be honest. The first time I heard about the intention of the Jamaica Pegasus to host a tweetup, I dismissed it. I was not convinced that twitter had enough of a critical mass to make the event well … Continue reading

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