Sunday Night Recap

Screen grab from episode 9, Everything is Broken.

Sunday Night Recap has been m.i.a. for a week. Last week’s Mad Men didn’t sparkle, and Russell’s explosion at the end of episode 9 of True Blood was a lot to take in.

It turns out that vampire politics is not all together different from corporate politics. Eric brings Nan proof of Russell’s nefarious activities and she puts it all back on him! Tells him to solve it and refused to get involved in any way. It turns out that her refusal to act blows up in her face. This led me to thinking that Russell is quite possibly the vampiric bin Laden. He intends to terrorise, and he succeeds.

With all the political drama surrounding the building of a mosque near ground zero, the way in which the rights of vampires are being contested reminds me of the struggle over islam and religious freedom currently gripping much of the west. The ‘are they just like us or are they different (and a threat)’ question is very obvious.

As for Mad Men, I cannot believe Roger! ‘They won’t know its over until you drop the big one. Twice.’ OMG. As a result of WWII Roger strongly dislikes the Japanese. However, one of the best way to beat your enemy is to take their money. If Roger is so worried about Pete, he should work with someone else to bring in some other accounts. It is obvious that Lee Garner Jr. is a sadist and you can’t deal with people like that without them inflicting some pain on you eventually.

It is hard to dislike Betty any more than I already do. She is mostly responsible for Sally’s adjustment issues. Her slapping Sally was way over the top. The poor girl feels neglected and unloved. And what does she do? Take the child to a shink. Which given her past therapy failures is even more of an extraordinarily bad decision.

Don, once again, saves the day. Sometimes you just have to call the people you are doing business with in their b.s. Integrity, a brilliant gambit and balls can get you far.


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5 Responses to Sunday Night Recap

  1. Mad Bull says:

    Good points on the parallels between True Blood and the struggle over Islam and religious freedom in the West.
    I am not up to date on Mad Men, so can’t comment on that.

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  3. Ian Bourne says:

    I never thought of True Blood as Islam but more on homosexuality, like Mad bull – I am not familiar with Mad Men… As for Yendi, to me it’s fair, but I recall when they had a spoof on Miss Jamaica ….

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