10 Things I’ve Learned Circling the Globe

There are few experiences in life that are as eye opening as international travel. One of the realisations I have garnered through travel is that governments could learn so much from their people. Specifically in terms of helpfulness and hospitality to outsiders.

In the list below, I really identify with numbers 3 & 7. Look at the way the whole Dudus saga was portrayed in the international media! They go into Tivoli and tragedy unfolds, but it was far from the whole country. I am also amazed at how narrow the frame of reference of some Jamaicans are. The world is a lot bigger than Miami. Seek it out different experiences!

10 Things I’ve Learned Circling the Globe I came across an interesting blog yesterday “20 Things I’ve Learned From Traveling Around the World for Three Years”, by Gary Arndt. It was pretty much on target with my observations from my very short journey of a little more than 3 months. But it got me thinking about what I have learned on these travels. To travel i … Read More

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4 Responses to 10 Things I’ve Learned Circling the Globe

  1. Jamaipanese says:

    mostly from an American’s perspective but still a very interesting read.

  2. Panaf says:

    I really enjoyed the article but he does contradict himself with American’s are not so ignorant. I’ll agree that ignorance exists everywhere, I think his point about American hegemony and the fact that its’ citizens don’t travel (despite the incomes that allow them to do so) equals ignorance.

  3. YardEdge says:

    I thought this was a great list too. I think ignorance is universal.

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