Save Font Hill!

Oncidium tetrapetalum, originally uploaded by chris tonra.

The last few years has seen the development of a number of mega hotels in Jamaica. It seems as if Jamaica is pursuing a mass tourism strategy. This development does not seem to have done us much. The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2008 noted that Latin American and Caribbean countries do not make enough use of their rich natural and cultural endowments. Out of the 130 countries studied, Jamaica performed particularly poorly on the indices which measured the use of natural resources (99th) and cultural resources (100th).

Jamaica’s overall ranking dropped three places to 60th in the world in the 2009 report. Ignoring all this, our government has decided that another 3000 room monstrosity, in an ecologically sensitive area, is the way to go. Take in the video below.

Scouring the internet for discussion of this development, I could not find much. There was one article from the JIS. I am left wondering why the JIS, the country’s official news agency, is acting like a cheerleader for questionable projects which have been given government backing, instead of providing critical, balanced information.

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