Is Naomi Campbell Serious?

Naomi Campbell, originally uploaded by Lunaé Parracho.

So you are called to give evidence in a war crimes trial. You go and then protest on the stand that being present is a ‘terrible inconvenience’ for you. Tens of thousands have died and a third of the population displaced, and you feel ‘inconvenienced.’ I know that Naomi is a model, but I am shocked at her level of callous self-involvement.

I also don’t believe her account that she did not know who the uncut diamonds were from. Her testimony simply did not look credible. Enter Mia Farrow who directly contradicts Campbell’s account. Who else did you flirt with the party? There are those who are of the view that the ICC is a waste of time. Well, if Campbell is of that view, she should have said so. It would have been preferable to her cowardly testimony, attempting unsuccessfully,  to distance herself from the entire affair.

Even if the ICC is an imperfect solution, what do you do with people like Charles Taylor?


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5 Responses to Is Naomi Campbell Serious?

  1. RB says:

    I saw this on the BBC. Although she was not bound to appear at the court it is rather selfish a statement as “terrible inconvenience’. The ICC was treating her like a high status celebrity from my impressions and were bending over to kiss her hi-anus so hence the statement.

  2. abeni says:

    Clearly the world revolves around nNaomi least in her mind

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