Sunday Night Recap

This week True Blood > Mad Men.

I wonder if what Lorena said is really true. That it is impossible for a vampire to love a human and not cause them pain. That was the first time I saw Sookie actually afraid of Bill. To see the intimacy between her and Alcide (a werewolf) is interesting and makes no sense given her previous experiences with a non-human! But, as we see at the end of the episode, attraction is not amenable to ‘sense’ as Tara would put it.

I am really tired of Jason. I would not mind if the werewolves ate him. He does not have the capacity to control his emotions, and this causes everyone around no end of trouble. Talk about hyper impulsiveness. He shares some traits with Tommy who is unable to break out of old patterns of behaviour, even though he has people around him who are willing to help him. Fail.

Eric is a cold, calculating bastard. I’m glad for this, as it saved Bill’s life. And I will not miss Talbot. The King has his Waterloo coming to him and there is no harm in hoping that Debbie gets hers much earlier.

Not sure what was a greater shock. Talbot realising that his time was up, or Lane’s behaviour after  few drinks! Whoa, wild man. This episode felt weird, as if they were filling a few details: what’s up with Joan’s marriage, Don’s relationship with Anna and Lane’s personal crises. However you look at it, watching Don’s humanisation is far better than the train wreck which is dysfunctional Betty.

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