Sunday Night Recap

So happy to be watching Mad Men and True Blood at the same time. Apparently I am not the only one who is making comparisons between the two.

So why hasn’t True Blood gotten the critical praise that Mad Men has received? It is generally harder for TV shows or movies that are driven by other worldly plot devices to get the same level of buzz and a true to life drama. Some genres get more breaks. And the constant (and exaggerated) complaining of some viewers about the gore and sexuality in True Blood has not helped. At the same time, many of the people who say they love Mad Men missed the train. It is not a celebration of outmoded cultural mores. It is, in the main, an indictment of them.

‘What I want, versus what is expected of me.’ The best line from last Sunday’s show. Roger did not want to don that Santa costume thats for damn sure. I am not sure why cigarette man was such an ass. Was it that he didn’t get an invite to the party, or is it that he knows that the survival of Sterling Cooper Draper Price depends on his happiness with them? Roger is a real team player.

Watching the interaction between Freddy and Peggy was also very interesting. At least they came to some understanding. But just when I think maybe Freddy had gotten it, he tells Peggy, the archtypical woman ahead of her time, that she can’t practice her craft and have her beau respect her. *Head desk*

Meanwhile, it seems like the universe is conspiring to keep Bill and Soukie apart. And Eric is a much smarter political operator than I gave him credit for and Pam = steel. Is Lorena really dead? Why didn’t Bill explode when the sun hit him? So many questions…


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