Really Gyptian?!?!

Is he twanging at the start of the video? Why? But there are so many things to hate about this interview.

Why is the interviewer so obsessed with the negative sides of Jamaica? Not one good thing is mentioned. And the interviewer sounds like an African-American. Sad.

Now onto the interviewee. ‘Not really my business?’ Are you serious? Why didn’t he say that Buju has been locked up for many, many months without trial and that is unjust? If you will not speak up for your mentor, who will you speak up for? Is he that fearful? Or is he not sure what to say?

The back and forth comparing poverty in Jamaica and the U.S. is just ignorant. Can you tell me a country much poorer than the U.S. where poverty is less intense? Moreover, why should such a wealthy country have any ghettos? And not all ghettoes are equal by the way. Plus, a ghetto is about far more than about living conditions, it is about mentality. There is mental poverty as well.

The artiste then goes on to say that Jamaica is a paradise, and in the same sentence that he has been robbed before. Incoherent much? Well, people elsewhere are not complimentary about his ability to speak in public.


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