Friday Round Up

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#1 – The Afghan War Logs. The coalition is lying to us. Who knew. And people still try to justify this stupid, illegal war. This weeks developments may also indicate the increasing irrelevancy of  the mainstream media.

#2 – Local art and Digicel partner to spruce up Kingston. The Director of the National Gallery of Jamaica states that one of her ‘great desires has been for the country’s art scene to shed its elitist image and reach and reach the mainstream.’  Not sure whether they are paraphrasing, but the issue is about far more than an ‘image.’ It is an elitist orientation, disposition and outlook. Nevertheless, I love Digicel’s CSR. Very commendable.

Murals are nice, but those alone will not cut it. We need to deal with all those burnt out buildings. Who owns them? If the owners can’t be found how long will they be allowed to damage our eyes with their present state?

#3 – I really don’t get this type of class warfare. Is Mrs. Simpson-Miller going to lead by example and live in her constituency? The goal should be for differing sections of society to partner to help people improve their living conditions. Not to punish those who are honest, but successful people.

#4 – Choc Finger! Funny as hell nickname for the Gordon Gekko of chocolate. The not so funny upshot of his actions is that we may more for chocolate and not improve the lives of the desperately poor people who produce the cocoa. Great.

#5 – More ‘high profile’ Jamaican in the crosshairs of the U.S. authorities. The depth of corruption in this country might reach further, deeper and higher than many of us will be comfortable in admitting, much less dealing with. How could so many get so rich and powerful from illegal activity for so long without massive corruption?

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Ever feel like the coverage of entertainment, important social issues, ideas and discussion by Jamaican media is boring, stale and irrelevant? Well Blipsterfarian Logic is for you. Blipsterfarian Logic strives to highlight that Jamaicans enjoy diverse types of entertainment and have diverse interests.
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