Mad Men: Season 4 Premiere

Mr. Draper & Co. are back. I absolutely loved season four’s first episode. The episode delved into the struggles of running a new agency as well as the personal adjustments which Don has to make now that his marriage to Betty is finally over. Life at Sterling Cooper Draper Price will be very interesting.

As time passes, Betty gets increasingly selfish. My primary concern is not that Don had to wait on her and Henry to arrive back at their home, but that she was not perturbed at the children would come home to an empty house. Henry’s mother also looks like the type which meddles. Read, he has major mommy issues. And mommy is not a fan of Betty. When Betty & Henry protest that her holding up the sale of her former home by saying it is ‘termporary,’ Don retorts, ‘Believe me Henry, everybody thinks this is temporary.’ Both Henry and Betts are effectively bitch slapped. It was a great line.

Another important development is Don tossing the bikini client (or is that the non-bikini client?) out of his office. He hasn’t lost his temper in public so badly since the Rachel Menken imbroglio. There is no greater frustration than a client who refuses to let you help them. They have a failing strategy, then come to you for help, but want to keep their strategy. Fail. He may just shake them up enough to force them to change, or they will go their way and he can avoid taking a hit when they do.

Photo courtesy of AMCTV.


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