Friday Round Up

The most interesting stories from the past week:

#1 – The struggle for power. No, not political power, but electricity. Does anyone else find it odd that the day after both major newscasts air a story about an influential Permanent Secretary questioning the usefulness of the JPS monopoly, that a story about the ease of access to electricity appears in a newspaper? See the story here.

Jamaicans are concerned about the high cost of power, its impact on pockets and business competitiveness, not that it is easy to hand over money for it. You have entered the no obfuscation zone.

#2 – Annie Paul does an effective vicarious run down of Sumfest. What I don’t understand is the need for the army to be on standby at the venue when Kartel performs. All that can accomplish is to add to the aura surrounding this man. Not their intended result I’m sure. Fail.

#3 – A tiny €1m fine imposed on Trafigura for dumping toxic waste in Cote D’Ivoire. Remember Trafigura? If not here is a refresher. Fined just 1 million pounds for one of the greatest environmental crimes in recent history? What does it tell you about how those imposing the fine value the lives of the people affected?

#4Trouble at the UN. I have been saying this for years. If the flailing response to the Haiti, disaster did not make you ask questions about the quality of leadership, then the UN’s own internal review should. Obama should recognise that with the increasingly aggressive posture that North Korea is taking, the South needs him more than he needs them. Jettison Mr. Ban.

#5 – JAMPRO touts how well Jamaica is doing in comparison to other SIDS. What I can’t get is if we are getting all this investment, dudes, where is our growth?

That is the big five for this week.


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2 Responses to Friday Round Up

  1. RB says:

    Quite peculiar that story appearing the next day about “JPS makes getting electricity for business relatively easy in Jamaica”. Similarly the same day their was some kind of chorus to have Greg Christy removed as AG there was a negative story about him in the observer to get the ball rolling. The Annie Paul link was a nice read, thanks.

    On the “fargin” investment front, I don’t know why government dwell it, isn’t all that money(profits) sent back to the home countries. The question where is our growth is a good one, also does it count toward GDP?

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