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Friday Round Up

100626-F-2616H-005, originally uploaded by┬áKenny Holston 21. #1 – The Afghan War Logs. The coalition is lying to us. Who knew. And people still try to justify this stupid, illegal war. This weeks developments may also indicate the increasing irrelevancy of … Continue reading

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Mad Men: Season 4 Premiere

Mr. Draper & Co. are back. I absolutely loved season four’s first episode. The episode delved into the struggles of running a new agency as well as the personal adjustments which Don has to make now that his marriage to … Continue reading

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Friday Round Up

The most interesting stories from the past week: #1 – The struggle for power. No, not political power, but electricity. Does anyone else find it odd that the day after both major newscasts air a story about an influential Permanent … Continue reading

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Quick Times and Quick Explanations

Speed Queen Shelly-Ann Faser by Lim CK. Watching big sporting events reveals so much. And I don’t mean the winner. The way people and countries get wrapped up in competition, sometimes, it is almost like war my other means. Throughout … Continue reading

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Yes. Blipsterfarian (=Black+hipster+Rastafarian). A portmanteau used by a good friend of mine to describe my attitude to life. It is kind of a mocking compliment. It encompasses both subscription to diverse values, as well as the paradoxes that might arise … Continue reading

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